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TFA Teacher Proposes New Direction for TFA

A current TFA teacher from Texas, going by the screen-name “mches”, offers an intriguing proposal (refer to A TFA Revision) for a new direction for TFA that would better allow the organization to meet its mission.   It’s great to … Continue reading

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TFA Parent: Don’t Let Your Child Join

While TFA applicants don’t actually need permission from their parents to join TFA, parents still care about their new college graduates lives after college and it’s revealing to hear their perspective.  Two parent reports on the experience their young adult … Continue reading

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Perpetuating Inequity: New Study Shows Attrition a Huge Problem for TFA recruits

A new study that looked at various aspects of the teaching profession found the attrition rate of TFA recruits in the Los Angeles Unified School District is much higher than other new teachers.   The study looked at two programs for bringing … Continue reading

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