TFA Corps Member Quits, Citing TFA’s Poor Preparation and Support

A common complaint of TFA recruits is the lack of preparation they receive for teaching and for the often very different environments they’re placed in.  This is exactly what happened to Allie, a TFA Corps Member from California who was placed in a rural town in North Carolina.  She realized quickly that “I was completely unprepared for the setting I was placed in.”  Another common complaint is the lack of support.  “To make matters worse, I was given very little support and assistance from the organization that had placed me there, and I didn’t know what to do. I was frustrated with TFA and felt that they had just thrown me in with no care for my personal well-being.”  To her credit, Allie held on to her love of teaching, but realized she would have to quit TFA and pursue an “MA in Education and a California teaching credential, so that I can be the best teacher possible.”  Read the full account of her experience at Why I quit Teach for America, but don’t consider myself a quitter

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