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Resources taking a critical look at TFA

Part of the reason I started this site is because most critical content on TFA was scattered in various nooks and crannies on the web.  This site allowed me to collect links to this info in one convenient place and … Continue reading

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TFA Lowers Teaching Standards

In a brilliant analysis from Plunderbund, we can clearly see how far TFA lowers the bar for teaching standards in Ohio, especially compared to the rigorous programs already in place there.  One highlight shows how much more experience in the … Continue reading

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Debunking TFA’s Research Page

Astoundingly, TFA has claimed that its novice, ill-trained recruits are as effective as, or even more effective than, veteran teachers.  They even have a research page on their website that ostensibly backs this up.  Researchers Philip Kovacs and Erica Slate-Young … Continue reading

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Larry Ferlazzo’s “The Best Posts & Articles Raising Concerns About Teach For America”

Educator Larry Ferlazzo has one of the best education resource sites on the web.  His site is where I found some of the most informative research on TFA, which I’ve included on my site (with Larry’s permission).  The Best Posts & … Continue reading

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Perpetuating Inequity: New Study Shows Attrition a Huge Problem for TFA recruits

A new study that looked at various aspects of the teaching profession found the attrition rate of TFA recruits in the Los Angeles Unified School District is much higher than other new teachers.   The study looked at two programs for bringing … Continue reading

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Teacher Turnover Affects All Students’ Achievement

Sometimes, it’s good to question beliefs that seem like common sense.  Sometimes you’ll find out those beliefs are wrong.  And, sometimes you find out they’re right.  That high turnover for teachers (or pretty much any worker) leads to a less … Continue reading

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If TFA is not the answer, then what is?

While it may be plain to see how TFA’s approach falls short – with recruits receiving insufficient training, placed in some of the most difficult schools, often without adequate support, and then leaving after a couple of years, perpetuating the … Continue reading

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