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Considering the Larger Context in Which TFA Operates

In Wendy Kopp, TFA, and life in a bubble, veteran teacher Mr S considers the larger context in which TFA operates.   He discusses how by bringing in young, minimally trained recruits who often have little intention of staying in the … Continue reading

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My Interview with a TFA Corps Member

I recently had the chance to interview a TFA corps member, Elsa Stanley.  I was impressed with the honesty of her answers – whether flattering of TFA or not.  She discussed the training and  support she received (or lack thereof) … Continue reading

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Diane Ravitch on How, and How Not, to Improve the Schools

Much of the commentary on this site criticizes the TFA organization and its practice of putting ill-trained novices into the most challenging schools.  But, “we’ve got to try something different,” defenders of TFA and other misguided market based reforms proclaim.  … Continue reading

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Reconsidering TFA in Seattle

I don’t normally post news about TFA on the site – the focus is more on commentary – but since the theme of the site is “Reconsidering TFA”, I thought it was worth mentioning that the Seattle School District is … Continue reading

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