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TFA Lowers Teaching Standards

In a brilliant analysis from Plunderbund, we can clearly see how far TFA lowers the bar for teaching standards in Ohio, especially compared to the rigorous programs already in place there.  One highlight shows how much more experience in the … Continue reading

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Advice for Prospective TFA Recruits (and other new teachers)

Veteran education reporter John Merrow recently wrote a post sharing his advice to those joining TFA (and their close relatives).   His tells us that the most important thing is to establish a relationship with the veteran teachers at your school.  … Continue reading

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TFA under fire: Student, Educator, TFA-alum, and media criticism of TFA

Graduate student John Speer writes how TFA is Detrimental to Impoverished Kids.   He concludes by stating, “If you are seriously concerned with the work that needs to be done in schools, get a degree in education and commit yourself … Continue reading

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How TFA Became So Powerful

Two recent articles investigate how TFA became such a powerful organization.  The first comes from Alex Russo entitled Left Out of No Child Left Behind:  Teach for America’s Outsized Influence on Alternative Certification, which looks at how TFA became a … Continue reading

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