My Interview with TFA Alum Ben Spielberg

Check out my interview with TFA Alum Ben Spielberg where we discuss whether and how TFA and its critics can work together.  For the most part, I’ve generally been skeptical of calls for TFA and its critics to work together.  When such calls are really urging critics to be quiet or simply be more positive, Katie Osgood’s Hey Charters and TFA, You Want Me to Join With You? Then Change is an appropriate response.  However, if working together could help address issues with TFA and could help both TFA and critics work more effectively towards social justice and educational equity, then it could be worthwhile.  After all, one of the goals of this blog is to encourage TFA and its members to address issues with TFA.  When Ben suggested on a number of occasions (in his writing and in online discussions) that such efforts could be more fruitful than critics might think, I became intrigued and asked if he would agree to an interview on the topic.  He graciously agreed and here’s the result. Hope you find it helpful!

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