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Teacher Turnover Affects All Students’ Achievement

Sometimes, it’s good to question beliefs that seem like common sense.  Sometimes you’ll find out those beliefs are wrong.  And, sometimes you find out they’re right.  That high turnover for teachers (or pretty much any worker) leads to a less … Continue reading

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Swift to Hear; Slow to Speak

It’s already made it’s way across the Internet, but this site would be remiss in not mentioning the speech by TFA Alum Camika Royal – one of the most impassioned and compelling speeches on education reform in quite some time … Continue reading

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Retooling Teach For America

The high attrition rate of TFA recruits is not the only issue with how TFA operates, but it’s a big one.  In Retooling Teach For America, TFA alum, Jared Billings, says that “TFA should require a longer commitment” for it … Continue reading

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