TFA Takes Advantage of Season of Giving

For many, the holiday season is a time of giving – to show appreciation to family and friends and to offer help to those facing hardships.  Sadly, there are some groups that try to take advantage of this generosity for selfish reasons.   Disappointingly, I believe TFA is one of them, attempting to take advantage of such generosity in recklessly focusing on its own expansion instead of focusing on addressing educational and societal inequities.  As reported at Diane Ravitch’s site, Julian Vasquez Heilig’s Clocking Inequality site, and at EduShyster, TFA is aggressively partnering with big name consumer brands to solicit charitable donations during the holidays.  This is not only a brazen attempt to cash in on holiday generosity, but also an attempt to cash in on Americans’ concerns about educational inequity and their generosity towards teachers in general (surveys show Americans support more ed funding and their teachers).  When TFA sits flush with cash and the backing of the wealthiest corporations and foundations, it is frankly deplorable that it has the audacity to act like a charity when millions of Americans suffer in poverty and are further burdened when their neighborhood schools face inequitable funding and sometimes outright neglect.   Even if you think TFA is not all bad, it is clearly not donating or volunteering anything to poor schools – in fact, TFA charges a fee of ~$5K per recruit per year to these schools!   Tell TFA and these companies that this is hurting our schools by diverting charitable contributions away from helping the needy.   Write letters, call them, comment on their Facebook pages and tell them you will take your business elsewhere until they stop these misguided TFA fundraisers!

Boycott FedEx, Subaru, J. Crew, and Symantec and any other company partnering with TFA!

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