Support Students Resisting Teach for America

Students United for Public Education (SUPE) is kicking off its first on-the-ground national campaign:  Students Resisting Teach for America.  “For years, college campuses across the country have been the core recruiting ground for Teach for America (TFA). For many soon-to-be graduates, concerned as they should be with the rampant inequality embedded in American public schools, TFA appears to be an opportunity to make a difference.

Using the rhetoric of civil rights and egalitarian politics, TFA promises ambitious college students that their hard work and good intentions are a crucial component of what it will take to fix the crisis within our education system. Yet, as numerous TFA alums and professionals have made it increasingly clear, rather than fighting inequality, TFA actually promotes it.”   Read more about the campaign here.

Please help support this real grassroots student advocacy group with a generous donation.

Update (10/01/2013):  Students Resisting Teach for America has officially launched their campaign.  Check it out at

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