Debunking TFA’s Research Page

Astoundingly, TFA has claimed that its novice, ill-trained recruits are as effective as, or even more effective than, veteran teachers.  They even have a research page on their website that ostensibly backs this up.  Researchers Philip Kovacs and Erica Slate-Young recently released a study that reviews this research to determine if it really does support this bold claim.  Of the 12 studies they reviewed:

  1. “Four out of twelve of the studies are categorized as irrelevant, since they have no bearing on performance.
  2. Seven of the twelve studies are categorized as problematic/ mixed, since the results are not conclusive.
  3. One of the twelve studies is classified as positive but potentially misleading as no data set is included.” (refer here for more discussion of this survey)

“The authors conclude their review of the program’s validity by stating, “If powerful interests have enough money, science no longer matters. For more on this ask the scientists trying to address global warming.””


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