Advice for Prospective TFA Recruits (and other new teachers)

Veteran education reporter John Merrow recently wrote a post sharing his advice to those joining TFA (and their close relatives).   His tells us that the most important thing is to establish a relationship with the veteran teachers at your school.  He says, “the veterans are your allies. Make the best of them your mentors.”

Veteran educator Guy Brandenburg responds to John’s post with his own advice:  “My advice is DON’T!”  He tells us “the last thing underprivileged kids need is somebody who doesn’t know jack about teaching to come in, fail, and leave in a year or two. They need somebody who’s actually studied pedagogy and theories of education and has at least six months of practice teaching under a good, veteran teacher — and who plans to stick around in the profession for a long time.”

Sounds like good advice all around.

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