California wants better training for English Language Learner teachers; TFA says No

As reported by Anthony Cody, California’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing is considering changes to strengthen training requirements for teachers of English Language Learner students.  Such students are taught be a disproportionate number of less experienced and intern teachers.  This would seem to be a common sense change to provide a better education for some of the state’s neediest students.  Who could possibly oppose this effort?   As the article notes, “with 1.4 million English learners, this will be a significant barrier” (to the placement of TFA corps members).   Apparently, this could hurt TFA’s growth plans.  I thought we were supposed to do what’s best for children, not adults.

Update on 04/21/13 from EdSource:  “The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing will now require non-credentialed Teach For America teachers and other intern teachers to receive more training in how to teach English learners and to get weekly on-the-job mentoring and supervision.”  Their vote was unanimous.

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