TFA and Miracle Schools

Sabrina Strand is a veteran teacher and TFA alum.  She also worked in one of the so-called “miracle schools” – one 0f those schools that supposedly overcomes the odds in raising student achievement seemingly through sheer force of will of an über-dedicated cadre of mostly TFA recuits and a no-excuses leader.   Noted TFA critic Gary Rubinstein debunks the “miracle school” claim of the school in his article It Takes A Village.   His argument is bolstered with a damning quote from the aforementioned Sabrina Strand.   Based on her experience at this school, she claims, “It is very much a charade, an elaborate, expensive smoke & mirrors.”  She describes an absolutely toxic work environment that quickly burned out teachers and led to a constant churn.  The year she left, the entire fifth grade team left with her.   This is not how to build healthy school communities nor how to strengthen the teaching profession.

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