Reconsidering TFA in Seattle

I don’t normally post news about TFA on the site – the focus is more on commentary – but since the theme of the site is “Reconsidering TFA”, I thought it was worth mentioning that the Seattle School District is reconsidering its contract with TFA.   This comes just over a year after controversially approving the contract.

I am urging the School Board to reverse its decision by voting to cancel the contract with Teach For America.   Maintaining high standards for teachers is critical for a strong teaching profession.   With a surplus of experienced teachers, Seattle is in no need to lower its standards to attract teachers.

Please also read this letter to the school board from veteran teacher and TFA teacher trainer David Greene.

Update on 03/22/2012:  The SPS board voted 4-3 to not approve the motion to cancel the TFA contract.  Disappointing.  You can find some discussion of the board meeting here or watch it here.

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