Reconsidering TFA

Reconsidering TFA was launched to provide a critical perspective on an organization that is attracting significant attention in education reform discussions.   Here you’ll find commentary from a variety of sources that offer critical views of TFA.  You’ll also be able read accounts from current and former TFA corps members on how they became disillusioned with TFA.  And, finally, this site shares summaries of some of the research that calls into question TFA’s effectiveness.   This site aims to be an information resource to help college graduates interested in TFA, current TFA corp members, as well as parents, community members, and policy makers concerned about TFA.

Teach For America is a private non-profit organization with a laudable mission “to ensure kids that grow up in poverty get an excellent education.”  They have attracted the support of private foundations and the department of education, and have become a coveted opportunity for college graduates.  So, why is there a need to present a critical view on TFA?  Put simply, TFA is straying from its mission and needs to be called to task.

What do I hope to achieve?

  • I hope that TFA as an organization rethinks its policies and practices to better align with its mission
  • I hope that college graduates interested in improving education for our neediest kids rethink whether joining TFA is the right decision
  • I hope that current TFA corp members consider speaking up to improve TFA, and also reconsider their affiliation with the organization
  • I hope that community members and policy makers rethink bringing in TFA to address the needs of kids who grow up in poverty
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